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What The Brainz Choose To Think About…

So here I am… A college student in the middle of her spring semester with a to-do list that’s about four feet long – no exaggerations. And what does my girl brain decide to think about? A boy. Not about … Continue reading

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Girl Brainz Crave Douches Like A Frequent Tanning-Bed Princess Craves Melanoma

Let’s face it ladies, this is a problem that plagues 99.9% of the female population. These life-sucking, soul-crushing turners of confident, successful women into needy, over-analyzing lunatics have been allowed to run rampant in our local neighborhoods, stores, movie theaters, … Continue reading

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Overloading Brainz

I get so frustrated sometimes by my inability to identify the reason why I’m feeling down. I wish it was obvious, as easy as an animal instinct: food, sex, or sleep. But the problem with the Girl Brain is that … Continue reading

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You can’t take the crazy out of the girl…

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too over the top. It’s not that I’m insane. I make good grades, work hard, maintain a decent amount of level-headedness (even with my Girl Brain) and can function normally in most social situations. But … Continue reading

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